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Bobcat Fire Update

Adams’ Pack Station remains evacuated because of hazardous conditions and the lack of power and internet connectivity. The donkeys are safely stabled in Eaton Canyon and will not return until it is safe for them to do so. The pack station proprietors, Maggie and Adam Moran, desperately need support for the evacuation expenses (rent, stabling costs) and general overhead while the canyon is shut down. They cannot survive this challenge without your help.


Located at Chantry Flat, the third busiest entrance into the Angeles National Forest, Adams’ Pack Station is the only remaining pack station in Southern California, and an important part of San Gabriel Mountain history. But the donkey packing business is not as brisk as it was in the early 1900′s. Maintaining service to 80 cabins in Big Santa Anita Canyon plus Sturtevant Camp runs into a lot of overhead. Proper veterinary care, rising feed prices, increasing insurance costs and repeated forest closures, as well as the unpredictable influences of Mother Nature, make this unique business more a labor of love than a lucrative venture.

Friends of the San Gabriels has partnered with Adams’ Pack Station to help maintain its viability, and consequently the validity of its operating permit. It is essential that the pack station meet certain performance standards in compliance with Forest Service guidelines lest the operation be shut down and the buildings removed.

In contribution to this living piece of San Gabriel Mountain History,  volunteers and part-time employees operate a food, parking and retail concession at the pack station. All proceeds are donated to the historic business to help meet its operating expenses.

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