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Bobcat Fire Update

Restoring the canyon communications systems is the top priority of the Friends of the San Gabriels. The radio repeater was located on Clamshell Ridge where the fire jumped the firebreak and entered Big Santa Anita Canyon. It is unknown whether the metal suprastructure survived but the electronics and power generation certainly perished. Estimated repair costs are between $5000 and $10000, depending on the damage. The Friends of the San Gabriels also provides grants to support the 100 year-old phone system in Big Santa Anita Canyon. These trailside call boxes connect to Adams’ Pack Station and Sturtevant Camp and are vital in coordinating hiker rescues. Your donations to the Friends of the San Gabriels will restore these vital services to our partners and the public.



Big Santa Anita Fire Safe Council was established in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) member of the Fire Safe Council parent organization to educate the cabin owners of Big Santa Anita Canyon on fire safety and facilitate fuels removal. Management of the council was passed to Friends of the San Gabriels in 2012.

Past accomplishments of the council include brush clearing along trails and roads, chipping and removal debris, installing public fire tools (rakes, shovels and pails) at the campgrounds, and the installation of a solar-powered radio repeater for volunteer fire safe patrols.

Friends of the San Gabriels has sponsored volunteer work parties, and we plan to conduct various fundraisers to hire professional fuels reduction crews. It is essential to the preservation of living San Gabriel Mountain history that the remaining camps and cabins are protected from wildfire.

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