Tax Exempt Status

Exhibit 7a: Friends of the San Gabriels Endorsed Articles of Incorporation

Attached are the endorsed Articles of Incorporation – PDF.

Exhibit 7b: Friends of the San Gabriels Bylaws

Attached are the established By Laws for the Friends of the San Gabriels (or download PDF).

Exhibit 7c: Specific purpose for which the Friends of the San Gabriels was formed.

The specific purpose of the Friends of the San Gabriels is to support and enhance the San Gabriel Mountain range as a recreational, environmental, and historic resource to the general public through volunteer efforts in fund raising, promotion, educational programming and maintenance.

Exhibit 7d: Programs and Activities of the Friends of the San Gabriels.

Each project planned for short-term completion will take place in the framework of a wider strategy to promote awareness of the importance of protected areas and their potential for ecotourism. Currently planned short-term activites include creating informational material specific to the San Gabriel Mountains. This includes information on the ecosystems, biological diversity, available infrastructure, waste disposal, security guidelines, and activities that can be carried out in the area (hiking, camping, photography, astronomy, observation, and group activities).

Educational pack trips through the San Gabriel Mountains will be conducted to teach the history of the Mountains, how to enjoy their beauty while maintaining the fragile ecosystem.

Exhibit 7e: Fund Raising Activities of the Friends of the San Gabriels.

Funds raised will benefit the general public by providing them with information, guided history tours, and education. FSG will benefit the Federal Forest Service, an organization, by providing services to the public that the FS is unable to provide due to budget restraints.

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