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Bobcat Fire Update

Historic Sturtevant Camp lost Cabin 1 during the Bobcat fire and narrowly missed complete destruction. That loss, plus an extended forest closure for burn area rehabilitation (currently targeted until April 2022) places a significant financial strain on the  camp. Your directed donations through the Friends of San Gabriels will help the camp survive this setback and return even stronger in Spring, 2022.

Sturtevant Camp was established as a tent camp in 1893. Located in the upper reaches of Big Santa Anita Canyon, access to camp was originally by way of Mt. Wilson via the Old Mount Wilson Trail. By 1897, proprietor William “Wilbur” Sturtevant had refurbished an abandoned trail to Winter Creek, extended it over Mt. Zion to his camp, and constructed wood-frame cabins for his visitors.

After a series of subsequent delinquent owners, the camp was sold in 1954 to the California-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The church made many improvements to Sturtevant over the years, while maintaining its historic integrity and rustic charm.

Reservations had been declining and, especially after the Station Fire in late 2009, the church seriously considered selling the camp. Not wanting the camp to change hands, Friends of the San Gabriels rallied the troops to save Sturtevant Camp from the uncertainty of new ownership. A silent benefactor stepped forward with a generous donation, and the promise of another upon meeting certain performance standards. Sturtevant Camp is now managed by the Sturtevant Conservancy, a 501c3 dedicated to preserving the camp’s heritage.

Until the Bobcat fire, Sturtevant Camp was thriving. With the logistical help of Friends volunteers, the facility was maintaining its reputation of historical preservation, cleanliness and hospitality. Camp information and a new online reservation system on the busy Adams’ Pack Station website had greatly increased business. Group events included musical events, contra dancing, holiday meals (Christmas and Thanksgiving), even beer making classes. Please support Sturtevant camp through these difficult times so it can be there for you in the future.

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